Reflective Essay Writing Guide

As a rule, when student receives a task to write an essay at first  – he or she immediately begins to seek rules for writing such works.

Of course, essay writer are turning to the Internet, where there are many articles and blogs on this topic.

However, these sources have one small drawback that frustrates students – they are very long. These articles describe so many points that a student simply gets stressed.

By contrast – in this article we will show a brief instruction that is quite understandable, exhaustive and concise

So, the structure of essay and its contents should look something like this:

  • Stage 1 : Introduction

Here your aim is to create an attention-catching “hook”, then present you thesis, and then – make a preview of the three parts in your body paragraphs.

  • Stage 2 : First paragraph of main part(MP)

Here you have to write a main first sentence, which will state the first  subtopic and will be tied up with the next. Then you have to place details, evidence and examples. And the last – explain how mentioned examples and evidences proves your thesis.

  • Stage 3 : Second paragraph of MP

Its all the same with the previous stage, but here , you have to state the main idea  of this subtopic, which will be tied up with the last (third) paragraph of MP.

  • Stage 4 : Third paragraph of MP

Obviously – it’s the same as two previous. The difference is already learned, yes?

  • Stage 5 : Conclusion
  • And here your tasks are following:  tie up your conclusion with the whole work, repeat that “hook”, used in intro, and restate your thesis. Than rephrase the main points, which are placed in main body. And the last – make a global statement , regarding to your theme, and , to be more convincing – make a call to action!

So, hope it will be useful for your essay writings!